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Alcohol and Controlled Substances

Kohler Energy’s Commitment

Kohler Energy has had a long-standing commitment to provide a safe workplace for all associates and to establish programs promoting high standards of associate health and safety. The use of alcohol and controlled substances may affect the workplace and the performance of job duties and create an unsafe environment for associates and our suppliers, customers, and business partners. For these reasons, Kohler Energy is committed to providing an environment free from alcohol and other drug use.

Our Role

As associates, we support this commitment by:

Never possessing, distributing, or using alcohol during working hours or on Company property at any time unless previously approved by leadership for a Company-sponsored corporate event;

Never possessing, distributing, or using illegal drugs during working hours on Company property at any time; and

Notifying management about any use of legally prescribed or over-the-counter drugs for medical purposes that may impair our ability to work safely or affect the safety of others.

All associates must report to work in suitable mental and physical condition and consistently and safely perform work for and on behalf of Kohler Energy.