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Doing the Right Thing

Whatever our role at Kohler Energy, ethics should be central to every business decision we make. All associates must take personal responsibility for knowing and following the law, being honest and objective, competing fairly, respecting others, building trust, exhibiting loyalty, avoiding conflicts of interest, and protecting Kohler Energy's positive reputation.

Even if there is no specific policy or law to follow, we will make the best decisions for Kohler Energy when we are committed to acting with integrity and asking for help in situations where doing the right thing is not entirely clear. We must not allow business goals to cause us to lose sight of our commitment to ethical business practices.


To help determine the right path, we should ask these questions when making decisions or taking action in our role:

  • Is this legal?

  • Is this consistent with our Code and policies?

  • Does this reinforce Kohler Energy’s reputation as an ethical company?

  • How would this look to others within Kohler Energy and externally?