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Environment, Health, and Safety

Kohler Energy’s Commitment

Kohler Energy is committed to provide a safe and healthy work environment as our most valuable resource is our associates. Like everything the Company does, its safety initiatives and proactive measures are designed to exceed minimum standards—which help to create a culture that produces world-class safety performance.

Kohler Energy is committed to conducting its operations in a manner that protects people, property, communities, and the environment by providing a safe and healthy work environment.

Kohler Energy associates have the responsibility and authority to stop work immediately without fear of reprisal when they believe a situation exists which places themselves, others or the environment in imminent danger. In addition, Kohler Energy associates are required to comply with the “Serious 7” lifesaving rules which require mandatory compliance with requirements set forth in the following programs:


Confined Space Entry

Cranes, Hoists, Lifting Equipment

Work at Heights

Electrical Safety

Machine Guarding

Powered Industrial Vehicles

Our Role

To achieve Kohler Energy’s, we:

Comply with environmental, health, and safety laws that apply to our operations around the world;

Ensure awareness of our safety and surroundings;

Have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform work duties safely; and

Take appropriate action to respond to circumstances or conditions inconsistent with our belief, purpose, policies, or commitment.

The Scenario

A factory associate who works close to Aarya fails to use proper techniques throughout the day, possibly endangering others. Aarya has reported this behavior several times to supervision. However, Aarya has heard the associate has avoided disciplinary action because the associate is a golf buddy with someone in upper management.

Our Stance

The commitment to “safety first” cannot be compromised by playing favorites. Any behavior that puts associates at risk of injury must be reported immediately. These concerns should be brought to a manager or supervisor; site Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS); regional EHS Manager; Human Resources; Legal; Compliance and Ethics; or the Ethics Helpline.