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Global Market Access and Trade

Kohler Energy’s Commitment

As a global manufacturing leader, Kohler Energy is committed to complying with all applicable international regulations. This includes both lawful access to global markets and the exchange of goods across borders. This commitment includes:

Ensuring our products meet the various technical product regulatory requirements, such as safety, environmental performance, and end-of-life requirements, of the countries and states where they are made and to be sold; and

Demonstrating compliance with laws and regulations governing the import and export of goods, trade restrictions (“sanctions”), and trade bans (“embargos”).

Our Role

As associates, we comply with all applicable international regulations where we trade and sell product. This includes:

Ensuring Kohler Energy product design, sourcing, testing, documentation and inspections comply with requirements of where they are to be sold;

Ensuring Kohler Energy products have the required certifications and approvals prior to being imported, exported, and sold internationally;

Ensuring accurate documentation and appropriate product and packaging markings, classifications, and proper valuation declarations are provided;

Ensuring accurate and timely reporting of regulatory compliance information to appropriate government agencies;

Only interacting or corresponding with government officials with the proper delegation of authority from Kohler Energy;

Never facilitating transactions exporting or re-exporting U.S. origin goods, technology, or services to sanctioned entities, people, or countries; and

Never agreeing to any restrictive trade practice or boycott that is prohibited by U.S. and other laws.

We understand that all import and export rules and regulations apply to all our products, parts, materials, software, and technology ensuring global market access and trade compliance adherence.