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Respectful Workplace

Kohler Energy’s Commitment

Kohler Energy believes that experiences in the workplace have the power to influence our lives and change the direction of our future. In addition, Kohler Energy believes that a respectful workplace is the foundation of a great place to work and one that sparks creativity and enhances a sense of mutual trust.

With that in mind, Kohler Energy is committed to providing such a work environment—one that is free of all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment and bullying.

Our Role

As associates, we support this commitment by treating one another with respect and dignity, embracing diversity, and supporting an inclusive workplace. In addition, we do not engage in prohibited behaviors, which include, but are not limited to:

Unwelcomed conduct or statements of any kind that causes others to feel uncomfortable or intimidated;

Belittling or humiliating comments or nicknames;

Threatening or intimidating conduct;

Sexually explicit or suggestive remarks, texts, or emails;

Sexual advances or unwanted physical contact; and

Racial, ethnic, gender, or religious slurs or offensive comments about gender identity or sexual orientation.


Harassment is determined by actions and words and how they impact others, regardless of intent. As associates, we speak up if we witness these behaviors so they can be immediately addressed.

The Scenario

Chris has been hired full time at the Company. One of the senior managers from a different department always makes an extra effort to stop by Chris’s desk, which is something the manager does not do with other new. The manager recently texted Chris with an invite to a weekend night dinner. Chris was uncomfortable with this invite and declined. The manager hinted that if Chris attended dinner, the manager would consider recommending Chris for a higher role within the Company. Chris is uncomfortable with the manager’s behavior and comments.

What action should Chris take?

Our Stance

Kohler Energy is firmly committed to providing a respectful work environment for all associates free of all forms of harassment. Chris should immediately discuss this situation with a direct manager, Human Resources, or the Ethics Helpline. Likewise, coworkers who witness this situation are expected to report it to management, Human Resources, or the Ethics Helpline.