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Securing Operations

Kohler Energy’s Commitment

Kohler Energy’s associate activities and world class products, services, safety performance, and operations are complemented by a world-class security program. The Company uses best practices and procedures to prevent and address security concerns as well as natural incidents that may impact people, facilities, products, operations, and our global supply chain.

Part of this world-class security program is physical security. Physical security is an essential part of Kohler Energy’s security plan as it forms the basis for all other security efforts. Kohler Energy requires that all associates, contractors, and visitors understand their responsibilities when allowed access to our buildings, grounds, and resources. In addition, part of our physical security program is a zero-tolerance standard regarding violence or threats of violence at any time at Kohler Energy, whether on Company property or at Company-sponsored events.

Our Role

As associates, we support Kohler Energy’s commitment by:

Never engaging in any violent behavior or making threats of violence against Kohler Energy, coworkers, customers, contractors, suppliers, or other business partners;

Adhering to all entry and exit procedures, such as displaying photo ID badges as required and ensuring external doors are secured;

Questioning or reporting unescorted visitors or individuals who do not display or have a badge;

Ensuring proper registration and identification of all contractors, visitors, vendors, and delivery drivers;

Only using video or audio equipment when approved; and

Actively participating in emergency response planning and training, workplace violence prevention training, and other security awareness sessions.

As associates, we maintain situational awareness to protect ourselves, coworkers, and visitors and report any suspicious activity or potential threats.

Important: Violent conduct by a Kohler Energy associate, customer, contractor, or supplier will not be tolerated. That said, in addition to discipline, associates who exhibit violent behavior may be subject to criminal prosecution in the country in which they are working.