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Standards of Conduct


Associates can do the right thing, every day, by:

Understanding the Code and Global Core Policies

Gaining a deeper understanding of other policies directly applicable to our position, business, or function;

Being truthful and behaving in a transparent and authentic way;

Being accountable for an ethical work environment;

Completing relevant compliance and ethics training; and

Being committed, promptly speaking up when something is not right, and cooperating fully and honestly if concerns are raised.

People Leaders:

Managers and leaders have increased responsibility for laying the foundation for a culture of compliance and ethics by:

Serving as a positive role model of integrity with words and actions;

Emphasizing Kohler Energy ethics in decision making;

Knowing and sharing key risks that impact our business activities;

Creating an environment where associates are empowered to respectfully challenge the status quo, ask questions, and raise concerns;

Preventing retaliation against those who speak up; and

Recognizing those who exemplify integrity and compliance.