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Sustainability and Our Communities

Kohler Energy’s Commitment to Sustainability

Kohler Energy respects the global ecosystem and shares the environmental concern of the communities in which we live and work. This is exemplified in our long-standing tradition of incorporating environmental stewardship and safety considerations into all our activities. Recycling and energy conservation, waste minimization, and water-reduction practices are integral business requirements. Our products, services, manufacturing methods, and facilities incorporate safety and environmental management systems to ensure continuous improvement and measures to prevent pollution, protect health and safety, and enhance the environment.

Kohler Energy’s Commitment to Our Communities

At Kohler Energy, we believe our best can always be better: better for the lives we touch, better for our communities, better for our planet, and better for business. Our expertise in energy systems and manufacturing drives research and innovation to support the communities in which we live and do business. Efforts are made to make Kohler Energy’s position known on issues affecting the Company, associates, shareholders, the private sector, and our communities.

Our Role

As associates, we are encouraged to connect with our communities and drive innovation to continue making a long-lasting impact by:

Submitting new, innovative product and business opportunities through our internal processes; and

Ensuring expenditures of any Company funds—for either providing financial and product support to organizations and causes or supporting Kohler Energy’s position in the political process—are appropriately approved through our internal guidelines.