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Powertrain Technologies

Tackle any job with powertrain technology

Kohler keeps the world moving with best-in-class engine technology while lowering our impact on the planet by offering cleaner energy solutions through hybridization, electrification, and generators that can run on hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO).

KOHLER Engines

KOHLER engines have been battle-tested at the South Pole, at Hoover Dam, during WWII, and at victory lane. And today, we power the toughest equipment on the planet.

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Image of Curtis power instrument

Curtis Instruments

Curtis Instruments has been a global technology leader in the electrification of vehicles, machinery, and equipment in all types of industries since 1960. The Curtis difference --you feel it when you drive it.

Home Energy

Peace of mind to stay powered in any weather with our quietest generator yet.

Industrial Energy Systems

Keep mission-critical systems moving with comprehensive backup power.

Clean Energy Innovations

Together we can raise our resilience and lower our impact on the planet.