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Privacy Policy

Kohler Energy’s Commitment

Kohler Energy views personal information as a valuable way to provide a unique and memorable experience for all those we connect with through our products and services. In addition, this information allows us to best manage our relationships and obligations with customers, business partners, and fellow associates. With that in mind, Kohler Energy is dedicated to complying with applicable regulations that support data privacy requirements and the protection of personal information.

Our Role

While we may gather and use personal information, we ensure it is properly protected. To ensure appropriate protection and handling, only authorized individuals may access and use this information for legitimate business purposes. These individuals must ensure the information is:

Collected with full transparency, including its intended use;

Only used for the purposes in which it was collected; and

Kept confidential and securely stored.

All of us, regardless of whether we are considered authorized individuals, are responsible for reporting any inappropriate exposure and ensuring no additional exposure occurs (such as by securing any paper copies or notifying the email sender of the exposure and then deleting the unintended email).

What is personal information?

Any information that can be tied to a person, such as:

  • Name, address, email, employment history, compensation, health information, performance or disciplinary matters.

  • Credit card information from associates, guests, vendors, and business partners.

Important: As associates, we understand the trust our customers, business partners, and fellow associates place in us to ensure their information is kept confidential and protected.